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Screen shot 2011-08-23 at 8.21.03 PM.pngEnglish 396 is intended for students already in control of the essentials of composition who wish to develop their ability to write effectively for professional purposes. Emphasis is placed on writing for specific audiences within a variety of rhetorical situations and on peer revision and editing in a workshop format. Please visit our course schedule for weekly meeting details and deadlines.

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Final Class #eatingcrows
Social media-google analytics 15 mn Discuss- professionalism and research study Instructor leaves the room 20mn (treats?) Evaluations 10 mn…
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Submitting your review
For your final draft, create a new PAGE. Instructions: Log into the Dashboard. Select "Pages"/"New" Write your title in…
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Changing your banner image
Resize It The following brief instruction set will show you how to resize an image online for your homepage…
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